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Al Obaidly Kitchens


Are yet to make up your mind on the internal landscaping of your home? Drop in to our show room at Al Obaidly Kitchens, Salwa Road, Doha, to have a look at the latest design trends that we have showcased for you. Treat our trained staff as your personal friend and get clarification for your queries on sophisticated styles, accessories, materials, installation and costs. They can even give you friendly suggestions that you often look for. We, at Obaidly Kitchens understand the significance of your kitchen, the hub around which your household revolves. Entrust us with your need and relax, we'll develop the designer schemes specific to your tastes, adding a sparkle and shine to your kitchen. Your new kitchen – your new hub… The Mission "Our mission is to use our experience and innovation to help our customers be more effective. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed our client's expectations in our business relations. In this process, we become an asset to our customers which will cause us to profit mentally, emotionally, and financially because of the results."We believe that we must provide innovative, competitive and top-quality services to our customers. Our Features The kitchen may be the busiest room in the house; it’s where life happens. We cook, we talk while we cook, we eat, we clean, stock shelves, read the newspaper, pour coffee, sip tea. Some of us watch our children bang pots and pans on the floor or watch the dog linger over his breakfast bowl. Upgrading and updating a kitchen is a hefty expense, but there are ways to incorporate features one at a time to suit any budget. There are many ways to add helpful and attractive features to make kitchen life more streamlined, more organized, more delightful. Speaking of pots and pans - pulling them out of that deep bottom cabinet, struggling to find that sauce pan amidst the colanders, frying pans, skillets is a frustrating hassle. Every pan means another bout of reorganization to get everything to fit back in the cabinet. For busy cooks, this simply won’t do. Consider the simple addition of a hanging pot rack. Even if your pots and pans are all mixed and matched, they will appear charming dangling from a wooden rack waiting to be plucked easily and perched on the stove. Or, if you plan to put in new cabinetry, consider pull out options that make finding and retrieving items far easier than was possible a few decades ago. Our Services: We provide complete design services, cabinetry & countertop sales and installation. We also offer appliances, fixtures, hardware, and many other items like custom furniture. You will always have a designer available to you and your project. Our door is open to everyone, we've worked with contractors, architects, designers, and home owners for decades so we know what your needs are and we're happy to meet them. Our trained and knowledgeable designers will guide you through the transformation. Imagine how comfortable you will feel working with a professional who has years of experience. We have some of the areas finest finish carpenters working to make sure everything is exactly right in your home, as it was on the design table. We also work closely with many subcontractors to ensure you have the best overall experience possible. Walking you to the finish line of your project is not simply an ideal, this is something we practice. We wish to be associated with you and would love to have your valuable inquiries for Kitchen, Service equipment or any specific requirement for any special equipment falling within our product range. Should you require any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Best Choice Trading & Contracting Co. trading in Oil Field items,Electronic goods Rail and Bridges nuts and Bolts, Heavy Bridge plates and Cribs for Metro rails, Nylock nuts and Caps,Anchor Bolts, Building materials ,floor and wall ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles, marble, granite and other construction materials such as plumbing and electrical materials.

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Hotrec Trading welcomes you to its new venture, genuine one- stop shop for Tableware, Cutlery, Crockery, Glassware, Linen & F&B for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafeterias. Hotrec Trading has the widest range of ISO certified brands. What makes it even better is that the entire range is available under one roof at its contemporary showroom and service facility Barwa Village, Doha - Qatar.

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Dallah International Catering & Trading


DALLAH INTERNATIONAL CATERING AND TRADING, registered as a limited liability company, with its principal office at Doha, Qatar, aiming primarily with business focus on the supply of food and non- foods items to it's various clientele like Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Retail Markets, Catering Companies both private and government sector. We are one of the top distributors in the FMCG sector in Qatar representing world renowned agencies for a variety of frozen, chilled, dry food and non-food products. Dallah International Catering & Trading started it's operation with only few office staff and machineries such as dry/cold store and freezer vans. With its highly qualified and experienced workforce made the company to place on top in the market during the short period. To date its work force reach a number of 74 employees and our stores expanded to a total of three (3) located in industrial area at Street No. 35 & 46, including Showroom located in the head office. Its equipments and machineries increases to meet the requirements of its clientele owning trailers to transport goods in gulf areas like KSA & UAE and freezers vans to supply goods to its customers in the whole Qatar. Dallah International Catering & Trading has been recognized as one of the top marketing and distribution companies in the Qatar, catering to the full spectrum of retail, food service and wholesale sectors achieved by a team of dedicated and trained staffs backed by global brands. Dallah International is a member of the group under the mother company Dallah Group. The group has its presence in many business areas. The member companies of this group are: Dallah Advertising (One of Qatar's biggest advertisement companies) Dallah pricing & printing Dallah Digital Dallah International Catering & Trading The mother company (Dallah Group) located in Doha, Qatar was established way back in 1984. The group establishments are jointly owned by Mr. Rashid Mohammad Al Nuami, Mr. Shaheen Abdul Rahman Al Kowari. Dallah International Catering and Trading was established in 2003, owned by, Mr. Rashid Al Nuaimi, Mr. Shaheen Al Kowari, Mr. Mubarak Al Nuaimi and Mr. Fahmi Ghazal. Dallah is one of the most effective company in the competitive Qatar market. Our customers include retail market, wholesalers, foodservers and supply against tenders. We bid for tenders for supply to hospitals, Qatar National Hotels Co., Army & catering Co,etc.

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Ajman Trading Co WLL


We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the largest distributors of Hotel and Catering products and having a very large client base in the state of Qatar since 2003. Our vast product range, competitive price and excellent service have enabled us to establish ourselves as a consistent supplier in the hospitality industry. The products offered by us include Chinaware. Glassware, Light kitchen equipment, Banquet furniture, Tableware, Linen (bed, bath and restaurant), Uniforms, Gust Amenities, F & B service items, Chafing fuel and Disposable items for daily operations, Paper Products (Maxi Roll, Toilet Rolls, C-fold, Inter- fold, Napkins, Tissue Box etc. We also specialise in personalised (with logo and name) products namely Toiletries, Pens, Pencils, Non woven Bags, Slippers, Paper Napkins, Glass cover, Mint toothpick, Swizzle sticks, Coasters, Matches, Wooden hangers, Shopping Bags etc.

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Al Khaleejiya Hospitality Services & Consultancies


As our business expanded, our need of a big number of employees and technicians to run and maintain our chain of restaurants expanded as well. For now, we have a very well qualified and trained team of experts and technicians in all the required maintenance fields such as: 1.Experts and technicians in Gas Equipment maintenance field 2.Experts and technicians in Electrical Appliances & Equipment maintenance field 3.Experts and technicians in Electricity, connection and loads field 4.Experts and technician in Plumbing field 5.Expert craftsmen in Paint, tiles and carpentry fields After having such a big qualified team of experts and technicians, we managed to overcome any problem occurs in our restaurants and we are proud to say that we reached a zero problems point. At this stage, we decided to use our maintenance team and share our experience with other willing companies and restaurants to help them maintain and sustain their equipment, so the idea came to establish Al Khaleejiya for Trading & Maintaining Restaurants and Kitchen Equipment Company. We are developing to be a specialized company in food services, with many well-known restaurants, taking care of maintenance and our service here does not stop at the maintenance point, but it exceeds it to the advice and consultancy: 1.When selling a device for instance we give our advice in (where and how to set up and what the need to this device is) 2.When doing maintenance to a restaurant, we prepare a separate profile for each equipment (coding) includes its history to enable detailed reports about this equipment for the management to facilitate making suitable decisions regarding it and help preventing problems at any time. Our goal in creating this company is not solving the problems that float on the surface, but our goal is to prevent the problems from starting at all. This is the secret of the success of Al Khaleejiya for Trading & Maintaining Restaurants and Kitchen Equipment Company as excellence and exclusivity are our goal and creativity and innovation are our way to reach our goal.

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SkyTech Trading


Italian Mixers, Water faucets, Sanitary Fittings

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Prime Technologies W.L.L


Design, Supply, Installation, testing, commissioning, Maintenance of commercial kitchen and Laundry equipment. Dealing with all international well know brands and we completed many prestgiuis project in middle east, like New doha international airport, New Intercontinental hotel, Atlants palm dubai, Burj Khalifa Dubai, emirates palace Abudhabi, Sofital India, Hilton KS.A.

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Kitchen Centre


Ply and installation of all types of kitchens

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Palmyra Trading & Industrial


From its establishment since 1981, Palmyra has emerged to become a pioneer in the hotel and catering supplies industry, thanks to its affiliation and acquisition of exclusive distributorship for world – renowned heavy-duty kitchen equipment products. Since then, it has dominated and undoubtedly maintained its position as the leader in the hospitality industry in Qatar market. To complement its wide range of product and services, Palmyra has a state-of-the-art stainless steel fabrication plant in Qatar. This, along with the design, engineering and product management, provides total turnkey product capabilities to its clients.

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Al Ahrar


Established in the year 1997, Al Ahrar has come a long way, right from aiding start-up Hotels and Restaurants to servicing existing Hotels, Furnished Apartments, Catering companies, and Hospitals. And the experience of servicing clients of stature and repute only enables us to put together a complete package to suit any budget as per every client’s requirements. Be it cutlery, crockery, glassware, guest amenities, room accessories or front office equipment, Al Ahrar has not only the widest range of ready stock but all the right hospitality solutions. The Al Ahrar flagship showroom on Salahudin road in Diera city is a 6,000 sq ft a one stop shop with an array of cutlery, crockery, glassware, guest amenities, room accessories, front office equipments. A second showroom at Doha, Qatar, is the recent addition that has a fully functional staff and extends the reach of the company across GCC countries and Africa. Small wonder then, our warehousing, networking and logistics team help service every client through out the Middle East with in 24 hours from the time of order. Armed with a strong team of well-trained staff, Al Ahrar takes up every project as a challenge to establish a bond that is growth oriented and mutual. We understand that the hospitality industry is demanding and we work tirelessly to ensure a smiling and satisfied client. Be it pre opening or other wise, we can put together a package that will leave you with absolutely no stress of thinking about your back-end over and over again.

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Vresso Qatar WLL


VRESSO-QATAR is a dynamic company specialized in all the varieties of professional equipment for the Food Service and Laundry sectors. The various sectors in which we operate are Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Bakery/Pastry, Catering, and Coffee Shops, just to name a few. Our aim is to complete each job with precision, considering all details in design, supply, and installation, to continue with the tradition and reputation that Vresso-Lebanon had created since the 1940’s. By utilizing our knowledge and expertise within this trade, we can provide the solution for any requirement. Our core principle remains dedication to after sales service to enhance our partner’s satisfaction.

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Five Continental Kitchen Supplies Co WLL


Five Continental Kitchen Supplies Co. is an Importer and Distributor of Kitchen tools and Utensils with a collective experience for over 25 years in the field. The experience gained as user supplier give us a great opportunity to be at a good service to our clients at any level of the business whether they are hotel, catering companies or restaurant enabling us to meet their professional needs at a good price at the right time. Five Continental has available stocks 1800 items Imported from different Countries in Asia, USA and Europe most is presented at our showroom which is located at Al Handasa St.Near Crazy Signal. . Punctuality is our aim to meet our clients need at the best possible time.

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New Project Kitchen Equipment LLC


NEW PROJECT CO. is a member company in International Group of Companies which boasts 20 years of experience in supply and installation of commercial kitchen equipment and equipment for supermarkets. Rich experience of Group of Companies in the field allowed us to become a reputable and reliable supplier in Qatar. Our company specializes in 2 divisions. Equipment for food service facilities & equipment for supermarkets. We have Highly professional and competent management with rich experience in this area of activity.

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Emirates Kitchen Equipment Qatar WLL


Global excellence and world-class quality are the hallmarks of Emirates Kitchen Equipment since it was established in 1991. This philosophy led the company to grow and become a global industry leader in distributing a wide range of food service equipment and supplies, storage and transport products and complete line of laundry equipment from the food service industry to private and government offices, hospitals, hotels, military establishments, airlines, oil companies and schools worldwide. Our company is dedicated to delivering the highest quality and best total value to our customers. We are keenly aware of the importance of reliability, efficiency and environmental impact of our product range, making every effort to provide our customers with full satisfaction of knowledge they need related to kitchen, bakery, cold room and laundry. Emirates Kitchen Equipment specializes in planning quality design, supply, installation and maintenance of industrial kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, cold rooms, bakery equipment, housekeeping equipment and materials, cutlery and crockery, storage shelving unit and hotel interior design. Emirates Kitchen Equipment products are reliable choices, providing quality products that last.

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Royal Art Kitchen Equipment Co


Early 2013, Royal Art Kitchen Equipments Company has been established and specialized in working for the field of Kitchen and Laundry Equipments – Hotel and Hospitality Accessories, Central Kitchen and Restaurants for Food Service in the whole Qatar. Our company distributes most of the high quality brands coming from various suppliers around the world. Estimated 70% of our supplier is coming from European Countries, 20% is USA and the remaining 10% is from Asian Countries. We also have a wide range of fabricated Kitchen Equipment to meet specific needs such as preparation, cooking, frying, pastry, storage, washing, refrigeration and service of food for commercial kitchen. Our company had specialized in Designing Department whose providing the layouts and technical specifications of the projects.

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Safari Project Suppliers


Safari Project Suppliers was founded in Doha, Qatar in year 2000 with aim of meeting the growing demand for engineered and finished products. We specialize in supplying and installing Fire rated and non fire rated steel doors, Blast resistant doors, Bullet resistant doors, Wooden doors, Architectural ironmongery, Industrial rolling shutters, Sectional overhead doors, Access panels, Toilet cubicles, Kitchen cabinets, Lockers, Seating, Crash barriers, Roof tiles etc., for industrial, commercial, residential, security and any other special projects.

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Kitchen Kraft WLL



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Anesco Qatar


Anesco Qatar established in Qatar in the year of 2008 as a company for manufacturing, marketing and distribution of different varieties of food packaging materials and related products. Our Journey – Anesco Within a limited span of time, company has grown to become one of the leading concerns in this field, because of its reputation for supplying quality products, its reasonable price structure and outstanding service. Anesco, provides best quality disposable food packaging materials and its related products in white / clear and colored plastic, Aluminum, Foam, Paper and Protection & Hygiene products, through its own manufacturing units in Qatar and Dubai.

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